Kimchi Making!

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Mubupjungsa is a youth centre housing 31 orphans ranging from age 5 through to university age students. The youngest child ‘Sunwoo’ suffers from anencephaly and requires fulltime care.

The head of Mubupjungsa is Mubong, a Buddhist nun, who did volunteer work around Korea before settling near Yongin to care for three families of abandoned children. She has become their surrogate mother. Over the years, she has taken on more abandoned and neglected children providing them with love and nurture.

Mubupjungsa children are truly great kids and are always extremely appreciative of any act of kindness shown to them. They need support to become independent citizens with a chance at a positive and rewarding future.

Remodeling works of the old house where Mubujungsa is based was the focus of the 2013 ANZA Korea Ball fundraising. Over the 2013 winter, ANZA funded the centre’s food supplies to a total of KWR2.5 million.

A large group of volunteers gathered in the kitchen and dining areas of the house on the weekend of 16th-17th of November to make kimchi for the coming year. It was a huge operation with everyone working together very hard to make this staple food.

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