What is ANZA Korea?

The Australia and New Zealand Association, Korea (ANZA Korea) is an international, 100% volunteer based, non-profit association that supports expatriates, and Koreans with an interest in Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to making life easier and more fun for our members, we are committed to giving generously to the local community in which we live and work. ANZA Korea is actively involved with Korean charities and supports overseas efforts.

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What Can ANZA Korea Do For You?

ANZA Korea is a relaxed, social organisation that provides networking opportunities and shares information to make life in Seoul easier and more enjoyable. We also offer member discounts and we raise money for worthy causes.

ANZA Korea Membership is open to men and women from every nationality and background. One Annual membership is a flat rate of 50,000 KRW, and covers the whole family.  Membership provides for discount entry into our events and access to ANZA Korea special offers for the whole family.

Ready to become a member? It’s a simple sign-up process.


Events & Discounts

ANZA hosts a range of events. From large annual charity events down to small monthly gatherings. Members receive discounts on these plus a lot more.

Fundraising & Volunteering

ANZA is actively involved with local charities and offers opportunities to fundraise and volunteer with these organisations.

Interest Groups & Info

We offer activities throughout the year catering for all members and are a great source of information.



ANZA, an international entity was founded, and exists in several countries around the world.


ANZA Korea evolved from Aussie Connections, a group founded by Rachel Miller, wife of the then Australian Ambassador, Geoff Miller.


Aussie Connections joined with a New Zealand organisation to become The Australian and New Zealand Association, Korea.


Today ANZA Korea continues in Aussie Connection’s footsteps, and hosts a number of key social functions to raise money for Korean charities and international emergency relief efforts.


ANZA Korea is proud and honoured to have the following patrons

Joanne Lee

Joanne Lee

Wife of the Australian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea

Philip Turner

Philip Turner

New Zealand Ambassador to the Republic of Korea