InTree Christmas Party

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A NZA Korea President, Jana Kovar and I attended a very happy celebration on 10 December for the 35 single parents and their children who make up the Intree network. ANZA sponsored the event, which brought together the organisation, their friends and supporters.There were numerous highlights.

Our first real surprise was that there are three single fathers in the group.

A touching moment was listening to an elderly gentleman who spoke beautifully of his love for his daughter, a single mother, and his wish for her happiness. He said that this was the first time he had expressed this to her. With the stigma of single mothers in Korea it is not unusual for them to be rejected by their families. This heartfelt offer of reconciliation was incredibly touching.

It was one of those special events that really showed the importance of community.

Many ANZA members donated gifts for the children of Intree at the 2014 Christmas Party and there was much excitement as the children received their Christmas gifts. A sepcial thanks to those ANZA families who contributed so generously.30-2

Was were treated to a kids fashion parade which featured a stunning collection of knitted clothes and toys created and donated by Catherine Lee and her design students.


InTree has been established for just over a year and the support community they have created in such a short time really impressed us. It would be a pleasure if ANZA is able to continue its support of this grassroots approach to accepting and supporting single mothers in Seoul.



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