An update on the joint project for Big Mama

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A NZA Korea, in association with our sister organisations SIWA, BASS, American Women’s Club, Thrift Shop and the Deutscher Club Seoul, is providing support for the renovation work required at the Mubeopjeongsa Yongin Home of Youth, affectionately known as “Big Mama’s”.

ANZA Korea has established a good relationship with Big Mama over recent years.  At Yongin, on the outskirts of Seoul, this Buddhist nun cares for disabled children and young people and their siblings, enabling them to remain under the one roof, and well-cared for.  The whole family works hard to get by on what they receive from their supporters.

New government regulations have been introduced which require Big Mama to carry out extensive renovations in order to comply and remain in the current home.  Thanks to the joint project, she has been able to get her plans ready and approved.

The renovations have begun and the project is HUGE!  The family are squeezed into a small number of rooms while the outer rooms are remodelled.  The outer rooms are quite exposed to the elements.  Everyone is in good spirits, keeping warm and well.

With the expected completion date set for the end of March 2016,  Big Mama is also hoping that the work comes in on budget.  ANZA has committed to raise most of the additional funds required for the project at the 2016 Annual Grand Charity Ball.  This will be a fun evening and we are working towards a successful night of fundraising for this project that will benefit Big Mama’s family and take away some of their financial burden.

Big Mama sends her sincere thanks to all those who have supported our fundraising efforts.  Without this joint project to fund the renovations she had considered packing up and moving to the countryside as her only option. Once the renovations are complete, the family stays together and the non-disabled children have a chance for further study and employment near their home.

Thank you for supporting ANZA fundraising efforts, your generosity is sincerely appreciated.  We are looking forward to your support at the ANZA Grand Charity Ball 2016!

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