ANZA Charities – True stories of real life heroes

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O ur ANZA charities hold a very special place in our hearts.  The amazing work that is carried out tirelessly by those who run these organisations is quite inspiring.

You may know the names of these charities, and you may even know some of the names of the people who run them.  We are pretty sure that some of these facts about our ANZA charity heroes are going to come as quite a surprise.

Not only do these individuals amaze us with their kindness and compassion, they have real-life stories that are also pretty amazing!  We hope you will enjoy learning more about the driving forces behind all the excellent work that is being done here in Korea for those in need.

The support that you give these organisations through ANZA’s fundraising, directly benefits people here in our adopted home.  Thank you for your generosity and support.  You can read more about the charities that ANZA supports here.

Anna’s House/AGIT – Fr Vincenzo BordoAnnas AGIT FEB16 bus

Every Sunday, Fr Vincenzo sets off on his bicycle and rides approximately 50kms from his base in Seongnam city.  He feeds more than 500 people from Monday to Saturday at Anna’s House Soup kitchen, and  several nights each week he can be found assisting homeless youth on the streets in his area and offering them guidance.  In addition to maintaining four homes for street children, he has also taken in two street dogs.  Now a part of this extended family under his care, ‘Louis Vuitton’ and ‘Gucci’ are being rehabilitated with the help of the children rescued from the street.  Recently, Fr Vincenzo earned his bus licence so that he could take his programme to those who need it most.  You can follow his entertaining and uplifting life here:

Big Mama (Mubong)Yes child

Starting off as a social worker, Mubong found her calling as ‘Mum’ to a family that has been brought together to be kept together.  ‘Big Mama’ opened her home to handicapped children and their siblings so that they could remain together and not be separated as would be the case under normal social welfare arrangements.  There are rules at this house (even on toilet doors!), each family member actively contributes according to their abilities and all who pass through the door are loved unconditionally.  Big Mama has big dreams for her family and she offers them a safe place to call home.
Sr Gerardine RyanMyongdo Centrenewovenmyongdo

Originally from County Limerick in Ireland, with her father deceased when she was only 5 years old; the family maintained the farm in his absence.

Despite the hardships, her mother was always ready to share with those who had less.  She would say,” thank God to have it to share”.

Coming to Korea, she was drawn to people in need. Just a few months in the country, she found an orphanage looking for volunteers.  This was the place where  she first came into contact with persons with disabilities thus sowing the seed for the work she continues today.

Now, the Myongdo Centre in Mokpo famously bakes Jam roll and other delicacies that help disabled people to have active involvement in the community.

Hyung-Suk – Intree Single Parents Support NetworkBittersweet Joke

This lady is a fighter for the rights of parents who make the difficult choice to raise their children alone in Korea.  Before becoming an advocate for the rights of single parents, Hyung-Suk had a successful hairdressing salon. When the neighbors realized she was a single mother, her business dropped 60% and she had to close the shop. She started Intree Single mothers network to give support and connection for those who have been placed in similar circumstances.  The group organises social events and emergency assistance. Hyung-Suk starred in the documentary “Bittersweet Joke” and has led the first two single mothers marches in Korea.


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