A day with Sr Gerardine in Mokpo

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W hat a day we had when members from ANZA and BASS spent a day with Sr Geri in Mokpo!  It is amazing just how much can be achieved in one day by a person with Sr Geri’s drive, determination and dedication.


Thanks to the generosity of sponsors and our members, ANZA has been able to contribute towards the work that is going on in Mokpo through the Myongdo Foundation which Sr Geri began shortly after her arrival in Korea.  This is no fledgling operation either; the work has been going and growing continuously for more than 40 years and has seen a broad range of programmes established to meet the needs of the handicapped and disadvantaged people in the area.  Myongdo products can even be found here in Seoul, including the laundry soap which can be bought at E-Mart.

Mokp June 2016-2

Our day began in Seoul and after a 2 hour KTX journey, we found ourselves in Sr Geri’s world.

During the day, we met people in their homes who are being assisted with educational expenses for their grandchildren, disabled students who attend a special school complete with all the staff and facilities that will ensure that they receive the care that their situation demands, young adults who are living in appropriate facilities for their age and level of independence, people who are actively employed in the bakery and workshop, the staff, the volunteers and those who support Sr Geri as she goes about her day.
Mokpo June 2016 - 4

There has been an incredible amount of effort and investment in the futures of those who have come under Sr Geri’s care.  There are many different programmes and naturally, this involves substantial administration to keep operations running smoothly.  Despite the heady amount of work to cover, Sr Geri gives time to each and every person who wants to speak with her.  She listens, she guides and she cares deeply about the prospects for these people, their families and their futures.  Not only does she think about those in need, she is aware of the whole community and their needs.  It seems she really has found her home in Mokpo.

Mokpo June 2016-1

ANZA is proud to contribute towards the work that the Myongdo Foundation is doing and is grateful for the tireless efforts of Sr Geri whose energy fuels the whole operation.  Thank you for your contribution to ANZA and BASS and our fundraising efforts.  Your generosity is enabling Sr Geri to maintain her high standards to support her community.

More information on this charity is available here.




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