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W e really would be lost without them!  Our charity heroes and our big-hearted sponsors are key to everything that ANZA does.


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Our charities are made up of the hard-working people devoting their lives to the care and betterment of all those without a voice here in Korea.  They tirelessly work to provide all the basics that most of us take for granted



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ANZA sponsors are just as significant.  They give generously to ANZA so that we can hold our events that fuse our community together, having some amazing fun while raising the funds that support the work of our charity groups.





Morning Tea Ambassador Paterson



It’s a fantastic circle and the relationships that develop are very special indeed. Each year, ANZA formally recognises these relationships with an event that brings our charity groups into direct contact with our sponsors so that both can develop these relationships further, learn more about the work that is ongoing and can sometimes lead to direct sponsorship between a company and a charity.




Morning Tea: Mrs Paterson On Tuesday May 16, Mrs Helen Paterson, ANZA Patron and wife of the Australian Ambassador, hosted our sponsors and charity groups to a morning of celebration of achievements and provided the perfect forum for exchange between those who so generously support the fundraising efforts of ANZA, and those who benefit from this generosity.



Morning tea sr geri




As the ANZA year draws to a close, we would like to thank all those who support our charity endeavours; our members, sponsors and event guests.  Without your generosity, our charity work would not be possible.  Thank you for your ongoing support of our events and charitable fundraising activities.


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