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The ANZA Korea Committee recently agreed to support a Seoul based home assistingĀ people living with HIV.

An annual donation of KRW 5 million will assist with the day-to-day running of the centre including food, a full-time career and utilities.

The centre provides a high level of physical and emotional support that cannot be accessed elsewhere in the community. The aim is to help these people, including children, through the worst times and get them back on their feet before sending them out to live independently in the community.

Despite South Korean government agencies referring patients to the centre for support, the government does not recognize the need to support the centre and as such provides no government funding. The centre relies solely on donations and ANZA Korea is pleased to support this worthy cause.

In the interest of maintaining a low profile for the centre and to avoid social stigma from neighbours and the community, ANZA Korea respects the wishes the centre to not disclose its location or the organization running the centre.

Recently, the annual 2015 donation of KRW 5 million was provided as a result of earlier than expected need.


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